Energy Spectrometer on Diffractometer using Charge-Coupled Device X-ray Detector

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Defense Academy* Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute** Department of Physics, Tohoku University*** Laboratory for Structural Biochemistry, RIKEN Harima Institute SPring-8 Center**** Institute of Materials Science, University of Tsukuba*****
â—‹Hiroshi Abe* Hiroyuki Saitoh** Hironori Nakao*** Kazuki Ito**** Ken-ichi Ohshima*****

A charge-coupled device (CCD) X-ray detector for inelastic X-ray scattering was installed at the beamline BL-4C of the Photon Factory at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization in Japan1). A wavelength-dispersive X-ray spectrometer was mounted on a 6-circle diffractometer. Energy spectra were obtained by the CCD X-ray detector and curved highly oriented pyrolytic graphite for analyzer. By combination of energy spectroscopy and diffraction, real time data acquisition both of the momentum and energy transfer was performed simultaneously.
Considering the optical geometry, it was found that each channel position is not proportional to the scattered energy. Therefore, we introduced the equation from scattering angle to energy. After data correction, calculated X-ray energy was in good agreement with the observed ones. The accuracy of energy correction was found to be within 1 eV. The energy resolution was experimentally determined by using observed peak width on the corrected energy scale of CCD X-ray detector. Experimental energy resolution, DE, in the beam optics was 20 eV.

1) H. Abe et al., to be published in J. Appl. Cryst. (2006).