Liquid structure and mechanical properties of EHD fluid

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Defense Academy
â—‹Yuusuke Imai Hiroshi Abe Yoshiki Sasaki

Electrohydrodynamics (EHD) phenomenon is known to be liquid convection caused by applied electric field. In particular, the convection depends on the applied voltage and inhomogeneous electric field. In spite of experimental progress, mechanism of EHD convection is still unclear. Therefore, we clarify the liquid structure under high voltage by X-Ray diffraction method. For instance, it is considered that the intermolecular interaction plays an important roll with macroscopic convection of EHD fluids.
In this study, we measured X-Ray diffraction patterns of EHD fluids, which are molecular liquids as an insulator. The liquids possess high performance as an actuator. In NMR experiment, each molecular liquid had isomer obviously. It is possible to form cluster under high voltage in two kinds of isomer.
In X-Ray diffraction method, the scattered intensities increased with increasing the applied voltage, although X-Ray diffraction patterns were similar to each other. At least, it is predicted that cluster population is proportional to the applied voltage.