SPring-8 Structural Biology Beamlines / Current Status of Automatic Beamline Operation

RIKEN SPring-8 Center, RIKEN* SPring-8/JASRI** SPring-8 Service Co.*** PharmAxess Inc.**** Tokyo Institute of Technology*****
○Go Ueno* Kazuya Hasegawa** Nobuo Okazaki** Hironori Murakami*** Raita Hirose**** Atsushi Nisawa* Takashi Kumasaka***** Masaki Yamamoto*

Structural genomics research projects progressing worldwide have been accelerated by high throughput protein crystallography with the automation of beamlines at synchrotron radiation facilities. Here in SPring-8, the automatic system to execute successive diffraction experiments with sample auto-changer SPACE [1] was developed at RIKEN Structural Genomics Beamlines (BL26B1 & BL26B2). The operation software BSS [2] provides the intuitive GUI and centralized control of beamline instruments with the networked client-server architecture. In 2005, more than twenty crystals a day have been constantly delivered and screened at BL26B2, at rates of 5 min/sample, and seven data sets in daily average have been constantly collected. Up to now, a public beamline BL38B1 (Structural Biology Beamline III) and another beamline in SPring-8, other than BL26s, and also five laboratories inside and outside SPring-8 have implemented SPACE robotic system to carry out the automated data collection.

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[2] Ueno, G., Kanda, H., Kumasaka, T., and Yamamoto, M. (2005). J. Synchrotron Rad. 12, 380-384.