Structure of 1-Cyano, 1-carbethoxy-2-(3’-methoxy-4’-hydroxy) phenyl

Department of Instrumentation, Indian Institute of Scince, Bangalore* Ballastics Diviion, Forensic Science, Bangalore, India** Department of Physics, University of Bangalore, Bangalore, India*** Deparatment of Chemistry, University of Karnatak, Dharwad, India****
○N C Shivaprakash* V N Narasimha Murthy** M K Sateesh** M K Kokila*** P Puttaraja*** Geetha M Kulkarni**** M V Kulkarni****

The title compound has been taken up for study as it shows Non-Linear Optical (NLO) properties with an electron withdrawing group at one end and electron donating group at the other, with an extended conjugation in between. The crystal structure has been determined at room temperature. Needle like crystals of the compound crystallizes in monoclinic system, space group P21/n with cell dimensions a=10.646(3)Å, b=9.351(4)Å, c=12.647(5)Å, β=97.13(3)゚ and Z=4. The structure was solved by direct method and refined by full-matrix least squares method to a final R=0.046 for 1993 observed reflections.

The molecule on the whole is almost planar, the methoxy group makes a dihedral angle of 0.7゚ with planar phenyl ring. The two armed conjugated side chain possess linear C-C=N chain and zig-zag ester group. The torsion angles C4-O4-C5-C6=174.1(3)゚ indicates anti-peri planar relation between the carbonyl carbon and the methoxy group. The C=O bond is syn to the ester group about the C-O. The molecules are held by strong O-H….O, C-H….O and C-H….N inter and intra molecular hydrogen bonds. The details will be discussed in this paper