XRD applications by using a new area detector

X-ray research laboratory, Rigaku Corporation
â—‹Takeyoshi TAGUCHI

A state-of-art semiconductor technology based area X-ray detector, namely D/teX-25, has recently been developed for high-speed and high-sensitivity X-ray diffraction analysis of materials. An XRD system equipped with a conventional 2-kW X-ray source and a D/teX-25 detector has been used to collect ultra-fast XRD patterns at a maximum speed of 160 degree in 2theta per minute, more than 30 times faster than a conventional speed of 5 degree in 2theta per minute with a scintillation or a proportional counter. This is particularly useful for dynamic and/or in-situ studies. The ultra high-speed data collection makes time-resolved experiments possible. An XRD system equipped with a D/teX-25 detector can be used also for in-line quality control when manufacturing and monitoring a very large number of samples in a day are required.
In addition to high-speed data collection, the D/teX-25 detector can provide two-dimensional X-ray diffraction data. Two-dimensional XRD data are known to have an advantage over conventional one-dimensional XRD data. This includes rapid detection/evaluation of preferred orientation and study of particle-size distribution in a sample. Examples of the XRD measurements with a D/teX-25 detector will be given.