Polymeric Copper(II) Complex Containing Phenanthroline and Bridging Nitrate

Department of Chemistry, Kasetsart University
â—‹Panana Kitiphaisalnont Sutatip Siripaisarnpipat

The bridging complex [Cu(phen)(NO3.)( μ-NO3.)2]n has been synthesized by adding Cu(NO3)2.2H2O solution in to a methanol solution of ligand. The reaction mixture was stirred at room temperature. After one day, a blue crystalline product was obtained. The single crystal X-ray data was collected on SMART CCD detector. The crystal are in monoclinic system of space group P2(1)/n with a = 8.79470(10), b = 9.1099(2), c = 17.1963(3)Å , α= 90, β= 101.8200(10), γ= 90, T = 293(K), R1 = 0.0279. The crystal structure consists of polymeric structure of [Cu(phen)(NO3) (μ-NO3) 2]n. The coordination geometry around copper atom is distorted square pyramid. One bridging nitrate is at the equatorial plane, the other at the axial position. The crystal packing shows that it is one dimensional (1D) polymeric structure. Two 1D chain lie in opposite directions in such a way that π- π interaction between two phenanthroline was observed.