The Crystallographic Study of Apple Latent Spherical Virus

Advanced Protein Crystallography Research Group, RIKEN SPring-8 Center* Department of Agriculture, University of Iwate, Japan**
â—‹Hisashi Naitow* Masamichi Isogai** Nobuyuki Yoshikawa** Shigeyuki Yokoyama*

We did crystallization of apple latent spherical virus (ALSV) and X-ray diffraction data collection on a crystal of ALSV. In this time, we clarified the packing form of ALSV particle in the crystal lattice. ALSV particles were purified from Chenopodium quinoa infected by ALSV and crystallized by Hanging drop vapor diffusion method. We tried over 100 crystallization conditions and got good ALSV crystal. The X-ray diffraction data was collected under cryogenic conditions (100K) at SPring-8 BL45XU and BL44B2(RIKEN SPring-8 Center Hyogo, Japan). The data were processed using HKL2000 to show a unit cell of dimensions a = 335.1, b = 313.8, c = 350.3, α = 90.0, β = 90.2, γ = 90.0 and space group P21. There are the diffraction spots over 3 angstrom resolution. The rotation function derived from the diffraction data show the icosahedral symmetry and an orientation of ALSV particle in crystal lattice.