Department of Physics, M.V.J. College of Engineering,Bangalore-67* Deparment of SSCU, IISc., Bangalore-560 012 India**
○K.V.Arjuna Gowda* Ramakrishna Gowda* Vijay Tiruvenkatam**

The title compound belongs to a class of compounds referred to as imidazo[2,1-b] thiadiazoles with substitutes at C-2,C-5,C-6. The 5-substituted imidazothizoles are known for wide range of biological activities. In view of the importance of naturally occurring oxygen heterocycles it was planned to synthesize derivatives of the above system possessing a benzofuran moiety at C-2 bridged by a methylene group.The aim of the present study is to recognize the presence of weak of Cl….Cl interaction in the solid structure of the compound. It was also contemplated to understand the conformation of the morpholine ring in this compound.
The compound crystallizes as colourless plates in orthorhombic with space group P2(1)2(1)2(1) and cell dimensions a=10.2467Å, b=11.6297Å and c=19.8524Å. The structure was solved by SHELX-97 program (Sheldrick 1997) and refined to a R factor of 0.0521.The details of weak interactions are discussed in this paper.