Anomalous bonding behavior in Racemic 1,1’-Bi-2,2’-naphtholbiscarbonate

Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit, Indian Institute of Science* Department of Organic Chemistry, IISc, India**
○Tayur N Guru Row* Sosale Chandrasekhar** Susanta Kumar Nayak* Guruprasad Kulkarni**

Structure determination at room temperature of the compound 1,1'-Bi-2,2'-naphtholbiscarbonate indicated that one of the terminal C-C bond length is unusually short [C-C=1.31 ]. The modalities of such a short bond length has been analyzed by collecting the data sets initially at 393K and later at on the same crystal at 150K and 90 K respectively. The results suggest that the short bond length is not a consequence of the disorder in the two atoms due to large thermal vibrations, but due to positional disorder at the two sites. At 90K, the positional disorder is fully visible and the refinement strategies adopted will be outlined.