100ps-Resolved X-ray Diffraction at the NW14A, Photon Factory Advanced Ring

Photon Factory, KEK* ERATO, JST, Japan** Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan*** Universite Rennes 1, France****
â—‹Shin-ichi Adachi* Shunsuke Nozawa** Ryoko Tazaki** Laurent Guerin** Kohei Ichiyanagi* Matthieu Chollet*** Tokushi Sato*** Ayana Tomita*** Eric Collet**** Marylise Buron-Le Cointe**** Johan Hebert**** Herve Cailleau**** Hiroshi Sawa* Hiroshi Kawata* Shin-ya Koshihara***

Time-resolved X-ray experiments using synchrotron radiation sources are becoming general and powerful tools to explore structural dynamics of condensed matters in material and biological sciences. A new insertion device beam line NW14A at the Photon Factory Advanced Ring (PF-AR) was constructed and is now operational for 100ps-resolved X-ray diffraction/scattering and XAFS experiments. The primary scientific targets of the NW14A will be condensed matter systems which can be triggered reversibly by a laser pulse. In particular, photo-induced phase transitions (PIPT) in molecular charge-transfer crystals are one of the main targets of the research. The specifications, the performance and preliminary results of the beam line will be presented.