Preparation of Porous LiAl5O8 by Li2O and Al2O3 reaction

Shikama's Laboratory, Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University
â—‹Chumphol BUSABOK Tatsuo Shikama Shinji Nagata Bun Tsuchiya Kentaro Toh

The porous LiAl5O8 fabricated by reaction bonded sintering. Li2O (0.5 mm) and Al2O3 (0.3 mm) powder were used for starting materials. Two type of powder mixed by 1:9, 3:7, 5:5 by mole in the water for 6 hours and dried for 100oc for 10 hours. The dried power shaped by uniaxial pressing to form 10 mm diameter disk specimens. The disk specimen sintered at temperature 1300oc, 1400oc and 1550oc, respectively for 2 hours. The sintered specimens were observed by SEM and phase characterized by X-ray diffractrometry. Pore size distribution of specimens were measured by mercury porosimetry technique. Porosity measured by Achimedes method.
The x-ray diffraction results of specimens which were prepared by reaction bonded sintering from 1 : 9 by mole of Li2O : Al2O3 were shown LiAl5O8 peaks. Specimens, 3:7 and 5:5 by mole were shown LiAl5O8 peaks and LiAlO2 peak. Increasing of LiAlO2 peak depend on amount of Li2O increase. Pore size distribution of specimens were sintered at 1300oc there are 40.86 % porosity and pore size distribute between 0.08-8.00 mm and 0.12 mm as a median pore. Sintered temperature, 1400oc, there are 43.88 % porosity, pore size distribute as two range 0.08-8.00 mm and 80-110 mm and 0.12 as a median pore. The higher temperature sintering specimens, 1550oc, there are 35.56 % porosity and pore size distribute between 0.08-10.00 mm and 0.16 as a median pore. When we compare pore size distribution by ratio of Li2O and Al2O3, 1:9 by mole was more homogeneous pore than other ratio.