Electron Dynamics in the Nanostructure

Institute of Engineering Physics, Hanoi University of Technology
○Tri Van Nguyen

From the experimental results with ESR in combination with other methods on many different material and biomedical systems of Nano level, numerous effects concerning the peculiar behaviours of the active Electrons (the odd Electrons) very distinct from the ones in the normal crystalline materials have been revealed. These effects stand in close connection with the fundamental properties of the materials such as the stereo-conformation, the conductivity, the biomedical activity. Just these achieved results have led to elaborating a new model-conception for the Dynamics of Electron in the Nanostructure.
On the basis of this model, the revealed phenomena and effects as well as the nano-micromechanisms concerning the particular properties and technological factors of some specific material and biomedical systems can be thoroughly interpreted.
This paper briefly presents some fundamental conceptions of the Dynamics of Electron in the Nanostructure and some typical applications cases as illustrative examples for the peculiar phenomena in some special materials and living boodies, such as the persisting of the fivefold aperiodic structures, the nanomechanism of the superconductivity in YBCO compounds, the called “non-pumping laser effect”, etc.
This research was supported by the National Research Program "New Materials", the National Basic Research Program in Natural Sciences and other Research Programs.