Investigation of the cation ordering in ilmenite-type ZnTiO3

Superconducting Materials Group, Nanoelectronics Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)* National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)**
â—‹Hijiri Kito* Nakamura Masaki** Sato Akira** Ohashi Haruo**

ZnTiO3 single crystals have been synthesized by the grain growth technique under 3.5 Gpa at 1123 K using the program controlled high pressure apparatus for the first time. The crystal structure of ZnTiO3 was confirmed by X-ray diffraction data at room temperature. The final refinement using the 528 reflections converged into R=0.027 and wR=0.035. The ZnTiO3 crystallizes R-3 (No.148) space group symmetry and it is an ilemenite-type structure. Lattice parameters are a = 0.50778(2) nm, c = 1.39238(4) nm and unit cell volume is V=0.31091(2) nm3 (formula units Z=6). Temperature-dependence of the magnetic susceptibility for the polycrystalline sample indicated that no magnetic ordering appears above 4.2 K and exhibits Curie-Weiss like profiles at low temperature.