Developing Remote Access for Crystallography

School of Information Technology, James Cook University, Australia* Department of Chemistry, University of Sydney, Australia** Computer Science Department, USA*** The Pervasive Technology Labs, Indiana University, USA****
â—‹Ian M. Atkinson* Douglas du Boulay** Clinton Chee** Kenneth Chiu*** Tristan King* Donald F. McMullen**** Romain Quilici** Peter Turner** Mathew Wyatt*

Crystallography provides an ideal domain for the research and development of e-Research tools and techniques. A multi-institution collaboration is developing a sophisticated remote instrument and data access system using Grid and web services technologies. The system builds on the Common Instrument Middleware Architecture (CIMA) project from Indiana University. Storage Resource Broker (SRB) technology is used for Grid data storage, and the Kepler workflow system is introduced for added flexibility and functionality. A feature rich portal is being developed that provides remote instrument control and data inspection. Instrument control is being augmented with an instrument simulation system for training and strategy evaluation.