Dear Colleagues:

We cordially invite you to join the joint conference of the Asian Crystallographic Association (AsCA) and the Crystallographic Society of Japan (CrSJ) in Tsukuba, Japan, from November 20th to 23rd, 2006.  This conference is the seventh conference counting from the inaugural conference in Singapore in 1992 and follows the highly successful AsCA’04 conference in Hong Kong. It includes all aspects of materials science related to crystallography, such as nano and biological materials, and encompasses X-ray and neutron scattering/diffraction, electron microscopy, XAFS, NMR and so on. Crystal growth studies are also welcomed at the conference.

Tsukuba, in the shadow of Mt. Tsukuba, is located about 50km northeast of Tokyo and about 40km northwest of the New Tokyo International Airport in Narita. Tsukuba, formerly farming land, was established as a science city about 35 years ago, and following the International Exposition of Science and Technology (Tsukuba EXPO ’85) became well known not just in Japan, but internationally. It has grown to become an international-level research center, with 2 universities and more than 40 research laboratories. A new rail link from Akihabara (Tokyo) to Tsukuba (45 minutes) will open in summer 2005. 

We look forward to meeting you at AsCA’06/CrSJ, which will provide you with an outstanding variety of multi-disciplinary science and a great forum to interact with international colleagues in vibrant environment.

Professor Kazumasa Ohsumi