Abstract Submission

Deadline: 5:00pm(Japan time), 31 July, 2006
the deadline for abstract submission was extended until 22 July, 2006.

Preparation of Abstract

Transmit the abstract body on on-line system by Rich Text Format.
*If you input over 1800 characters including spaces, on-line system can not accept it. If you include a figure, this limit is reduced to 1260 characters.

You can transmit only one figure which must be in the JPEG or GIF format, and the size has to be up to 945 pixels(H) × 472 pixels(V). Also, If you use some letters in the figure, the font size should be larger than 9-point. Please re-enter your file name if you wish to modify your file which has been registered.

If you have any question of abstract submission, please contact the secretariat.